Kris Tualla Shares 5 Steps to Publication

I’m delighted to host award-winning author Kris Tualla! Kris has declared that “Norway is the new Scotland,” and she has set both her Hansen and Discreet Gentleman series in historic Norway. Since she began writing, Kris has self-published fifteen historical romances and two writing and publishing books. In this interview, she shares her journey to publication.

How long have you wanted to be a romance writer?

 ​It was a total whim in the summer of 2006. I had fallen in love with Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series, and in her “Outlandish Companion” she says that the best way to learn to write a book is to write a book. So I did.​

 What was your biggest challenge when you were publishing your debut novel?

I intentionally didn’t write Scottish historicals ​​because that market is flooded – so I made my heroes Norsemen.​ That stopped 95% of the editors and agents from even considering my manuscripts.

How did you deal with that challenge?

​By self-publishing instead. Fifteen books (five trilogies) as of this month.​ Plus two books about writing and publishing. {Wow!!!}

What have been the benefits and frustrations of self-publishing?

Benefits? Total control over content, genre blending, cover images, distribution, and pricing. Frustrations? Being buried under a tidal wave of badly done​ self-published books that give that path a very, very bad name.

What has surprised you most about the process?

The inability of traditional publishers to accept non-Scottish/non-Regency historical characters and locations.​

What would you change if you could?

I’d have one of my books bubble to the top and drag the rest with it. I average 4.75 stars overall for the Hansen series, but nobody can find me.​

What would you differently if you could start all over again?

Not one single thing.​

What’s the single most important thing an unpublished writer should do to get published?

  1. Complete your novel.
  2. Lock your ego in a closet with a blanket and chocolate. Do NOT let it out. {I LOVE this advice!}
  3. Get multiple HONEST people to read your manuscript and give you feedback.
  4. Believe what they say.
  5. Write two more books while you pitch the first.​

What’s the single most important thing a self-published writer should do?

Have at least FIVE picky people read your final manuscript before you publish it – both professional editors and readers.

What’s the best writing advice you’ve gotten?

The best way to learn to write a book is to write a book.​ *wink*

Viking Covers (1)

Sveyn Hansen was a Viking in 1070—until Norway’s king declared the country Christian, sparking deep-rooted conflict. Sveyn, caught in a violent clash and run through by a sword, lay bleeding on the ground while at his head the priest gave him last rites. But at his feet, the devil was pulling Sveyn toward a different end. A blinding flash and deafening boom shook Sveyn to his bones. Once he could see and hear again, he wasn’t certain what had happened. Only that he was not dead. And he was no longer alive.

Hollis McKenna’s boss, insisting that she take a break after several grueling months at the Arizona History and Cultural Museum, banishes her to a relaxing weekend event. When Hollis arrives, she spies a cover model standing off to the side. Surprised that no one is conversing with the gorgeous six-foot-plus man wearing the Viking costume, she winds through the crowd to speak with him herself. He insists that Hollis hold her “lighted rectangle” to her ear while she converses with him. Frustrated at his repeated insistence, she holds out her phone and demands to know why.

“Because you are the only one who can see me.”​



Kris Tualla, a dynamic award-winning and internationally published author of historical romance and suspense, has created a dynasty with The Hansen Series. An active member of Romance Writers of America, the Historical Novel Society, and Sisters in Crime, she was also a guest instructor at the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University. She often asked to speak about her journey – and her Norsemen.​






5 thoughts on “Kris Tualla Shares 5 Steps to Publication

  1. I admire your drive and perseverance, Kris. I can see why you’d pick Vikings, too. They’re hot! lol I enjoyed your excerpt. Congratulations on your many successes (I call every completed book a success) and good luck bubbling to the top!
    Kimberly Keyes

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kris, I totally hear you on not wanting to write for a saturated market, but then being rejected because you don’t. I went through the same thing. I prefer writing early historical fiction (although some later history stories have now captured my imagination) and have no desire to write in the ever popular Tudor and Regency eras, but yet was told the industry doesn’t think readers will accept historical fiction dated prior to the 1066 Conquest. You know what? Readers are proving them wrong. It was for this reason I went indie and I’m so glad I did!

    I am a huge Viking fan, and am very interested in the conflict between paganism and Christianity (which plays out in my Arthurian novels) so I’m adding your books to my TBR list. Best of luck to you. Maybe we could do a joint post or host each other on our blogs and talk about why pre-Conquest fiction is cool…or something like that! (My historicals have strong romantic elements, so I think our audiences may overlap.)

    Liked by 2 people

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