I sooooo love a good love story. If it weren’t for engaging characters, a hero I can fall in love with, and a tension-filled black moment, I might not make it through the challenges of life! I have my favorite authors–Kristan Higgins, Susan Wiggs, Sarah Strohmeyer, Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Crusie, to name a few–but I’m always on the lookout for new writers.

I’m not just a voracious reader; I have also been working on my own stories. I understand the need for help with figuring out the publishing process, and I know how important it is for new writers to develop a fan base. That’s why I created this blog–to help readers connect with new writers and to help aspiring writers get their books in front of readers. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Each week we’ll have two themed days: First-Timer Fridays, with a profile and advice from newly published writers and Multi-Published Mondays, with advice from authors who have been there for a while.

Romace Debuts' mascot, Buddy!

Romance Debuts’ mascot, Buddy!

This little guy is Buddy, the Romance Debuts’ mascot! Those soulful brown eyes and all-over adorable face will make you want to write happy love stories!

To be included in the blog as a first-time author or multi-published author contact me, Cate, at romancedebs@yahoo.com. You can also find me on Facebook at Romance Debuts and on Twitter, @romancedebs.


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