LP Maxa on Writing the Flirty, Sexy Romances She Loves to Read

I’m thrilled to host writer LP Maxa this week! LP self-published her first several books and now very happily writes with Boroughs Publishing Group. She has just recently published the second of her Devil’s Share series, Play Dirty, a follow-up to Play Nice. In this interview, she shares her source of inspiration and her process…you’ll be amazed at how quickly her books take shape!

How long have you wanted to be a romance writer?

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. So for years I would sit down and try to write these really intense novels about life. And then one day, as I was reading a romance novel, my brain clicked. I realized that this was me. Fun flirty sexy novels about love and heart, that’s what I needed to write about. I’ve been having a blast ever since!

What inspired you to write this story?

The Devil’s Share series started with the first book, Play Nice. Which was inspired by a few different things; my LOVE for all things rock and roll, my friend Angela’s pride in her younger brother (he’s the drummer for Dear You) and lastly my curiosity about life on the road with a sexy band. Once all the characters came to life, I knew it needed to be a series and not a stand alone. Play Dirty, which is the second book in the series, was inspired by the darker side of rock and roll.

Describe your writing process.

I can honestly say that I don’t have much of a process when it comes to writing. I sit down and type. I let my characters lead the way and do my best to stay true to them. I can’t really listen to music while I write. But I do have it on around the house all the time. And I listen very closely to song lyrics. If something speaks to me I scribble it down and kind of take it in. Sometimes little side story lines come from those notes.

Play Dirty took me a couple of months to write. I struggled towards the middle of the book. I was very lucky with how well Play Nice flowed out, it only took me a few weeks. But Smith’s story was a little bit harder…in the end it was all worth it.

How many books have you written?

I have four self published books on Kindle, and Play Dirty is the second book in the Devil’s Share series. I’ve been writing for a few years now, but was just recently picked up by Borough’s Publishing Group. Whom I LOVE!

Do you work on simultaneous projects?

With Play Dirty I didn’t. It was the only book I was working on. And to be truthful, I didn’t like working like that. I am a much happier writer when I have a few different stories going at the same time. If I get stumped or I’m not feeling the characters that day, I just go hang out with some other ones. Play Dirty taught me that about myself.

How do you fit your writing into the rest of your life?

Writing isn’t my full time job at this point. I have a day job. And a kid and a husband and a house that’s being remodeled…So it’s definitely not easy to find a quiet corner in my day. But I love writing, so I make the time. My husband is really supportive, so if I have a deadline he makes sure to help me out. Same with my mom. I am really lucky to have this amazing support system.

Are you involved in a writer’s group?

I’m not in any writing groups. But I do have some really great writer friends that I can bounce ideas off of. Like the wonderful Sasha Marshall! She’s always willing to help me work through a tough spot in a book.

Who gives you feedback?

My number one feedback person is my mom. She is an avid reader and I send her everything I write. She loves my characters and she really helps me stay on topic and true to the story line. My friend Christie is also really great at this too. We crack open a bottle of wine and talk through what I’m planning or what I’ve written so far. Like I said, I’m so lucky!

What kept you going through the process?

My readers. They wanted to hear Smith’s story and I wanted to give it to them. I was constantly getting these super encouraging emails and Facebook messages asking when Smith was going to be ready. I have bad ass readers.

Did you have a publisher in mind when you started writing the book?

Play Dirty was already contracted with Borough’s…but Play Nice was what got me started with them. I got online one day and read some writer forum discussions about different romance publishers. Everyone had great things to say about Borough’s! And now I can see why. I love it there.

Do you work with an agent?

I don’t work with an agent. All my marketing is done with Borough’s, myself, and my spectacular reader group/street team. Shout out to the Smitten Kittens!

What has surprised you most about this process?

How long it takes! I have zero patience for anything. With my self-published books, I write it and upload it. Done. Easy Peasy. Working with a publisher is a lot of steps and a lot of back and forth. It takes an average of three months from my books completion to its release date. And it drives me nuts.

What would you change if you could?

Time frame for sure. Maybe instead of three months of editing, only one 🙂 that would be amazing!

As bassist of the Devil’s Share, Smith James revels in being the ultimate bad boy, until he meets a good girl…who likes it dirty.


Smith James doesn’t need drugs. He just likes them a whole lot. And as bassist for the Devil’s Share, they are easy to come by. So are the women. With a steady supply of both he doesn’t have to think too hard about his past. But when a beautiful physician’s assistant joins the tour, Smith can’t help but want…more.

After watching her high school boyfriend OD, there is no way Dylan Lawson is going to fall for a rock star with a tenuous hold on sobriety, no matter how sexy his New Orleans drawl. She’s been hired to do one job: monitor the health of the lead singer’s girlfriend and her unborn baby. But once Smith flashes that sweet, vulnerable smile, Dylan can’t help but want…more.

And more is what they’ll get. Love on tour is never simple, and with a music festival in Smith’s hometown, a place he’s avoided for years, near his illiterate, abusive, meth-addled father, Smith is one bad night away from a relapse. But with her heart already lost, Dylan is willing to do whatever is necessary to save him—even play a little dirty.





LP Maxa lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter, 3 rescue dogs, 1 stray cat, and one fish (that keeps dying and she keeps replacing so her toddler doesn’t notice). She loves reading romance novels as much as she loves writing them. She feels like inspiration can come from anywhere; a song lyric, a quote, a weekend with friends. The tiniest things can spark amazing stories.






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3 thoughts on “LP Maxa on Writing the Flirty, Sexy Romances She Loves to Read

  1. Wow, that looks like such a great read. It’s always a struggle to come up with an impossible situation and then fix it–and it seems like you did that in PLAY DIRTY. A drug problem and a nice girl…I can’t help but wonder how you solve their romance problems. 🙂
    It does sound like you have an incredible support system for your writing. Happy for you!
    Good luck with your series.
    Kimberly Keyes

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